About Us

This website is sponsored by Danziger and Dellano Law Firm. The firm has recovered over 2 billion dollars for mesothelioma clients and has partnered with the top mesothelioma attorneys for over 20 years.

Our firm works with asbestos victims and family members diagnosed with Mesothelioma to make sure the family has the best lawyer with the most experience for their particular exposure.

Each case is unique and these are not class action lawsuits so it is very important to make sure the lawyer handling the case has successfully handled cases in the state the exposure occurred, similar occupations, work history and a multitude of other factors. The right lawyer can make all the difference and in most cases will get the family a much larger recovery.

For over 20 years, Danziger & Dellano has been carefully evaluating lawyers to make sure we get you and your family the maximum financial recovery. Working with us will ensure you will have a competent prepared lawyer for your individual case and will maximize your financial recovery to ensure your family’s financial future.

To learn more about the firm, please visit our main site at Dandell.com or call us at 1-800-314-2433 to find out which law firm would be best for you.